Jun. 19th, 2016 11:31 pm
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so as of this past friday (6/17/16), i officially have a boyfriend :3333333

i went over to john's on friday as usual, already sad because i had to leave early to work 10-12 on saturday. but still happy because i was seeing john. we watched breaking bad, and ended up finishing the show that night. what a fantastic, amazingly well-written show. we're planning on watching game of thrones next and i plan on doing my best to not spoil anything.

but anyway we started to fool around during one of the last episodes and we're doing the dew, and john whips out all the romance he has and says to me as he's taking me to the bone zone, "i want you to be my girlfriend." i of course say yes and then he's like "well i mean you pretty much already were..." but anyway, now it's official and i'm just really happy and ugh. we finished sexing and immediately whipped out our 3ds's to play pokemon. i'm laying against him on the couch doing my thing in x and he turns to look at me and in like an almost tone of disbelief, he says to me, "do you know you're fucking great?" i'm blushing and confused and then he explains he's never had a girlfriend who played video games and he loved how not weird it was to pick up his 3ds after sex and idk it's hard to explain, it's that whole how easy it is to be with each other.

and it is easy. there's nothing complicated about it. we're extremely compatible and idk, it's just easy to be around/with john and i feel good and happy and safe with him. past experiences have made me very cautious about trusting anyone and i don't have that problem with john at all. i just feel warm and fuzzy and just good overall. i miss him though, i won't see him again until this wednesday. i can't wait. i wish it weren't so far away.
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josh broke up with me.
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I'm just gonna update my story here from now on. Tiller has made it clear to me that I do not update enough. My last real update was in December.

I'm fine, btw.

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