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Birthdate:Mar 22
Location:Roseville, Michigan, United States of America
but in the power star's ashes; a new age will soon arise
where god's riddle plays part on Mage, Man and Prise

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a song of ice and fire, abnormal psychology, amiibo, animals, applied behavioral analysis, asoiaf, autism, band, beauty, bedtime, bioshock, bob's burgers, books, bull dogs, cheese, chocolate, chondra echert sanchez, chubby animals, chubby puppies, circa survive, classics, claudio sanchez, coheed, coheed and cambria, collecting amiibo, coloring, corgis, csi, cuddling, davenport cabinet, detroit, detroit lions, detroit red wings, detroit tigers, developmental psychopathology, dinosaurs, disney movies, dogs, dragons, eating food, equality, every dog ever, extreme horror, facebook, family, fire emblem, fluffy puppies, freedom, game grumps, game of thrones, getting a phd, goodfellas, halloween, harry potter, horns, house stark, house targaryen, hunting monsters, i the mighty, infant development, instagram, iphones, josh eppard, kiddos, kill bill, kitkats, labrador retrievers, latin, learning, livejournal, lord of the rings, love, lush cosmetics, make up, makeup, marching band, markiplier, michael crichton, mighty morphin' power rangers, monster hunter, music, mythbusters, naps, naptime, neuropsychology, neuroscience, ninja sex party, pep band, pet sematary, petting dogs, photography, pit bulls, playing flute, playing piccolo, playing video games, pokemon, poodles, psychology, psychopathology, psychosis, puppies, puzzle games, rats, reading, research, rick and morty, roman shit, rome, rubbing dogs' bellies, ruin porn, science, sleeping, sleeping in, snuggling, spartacus, star wars, starbomb, street art, super mario, symphonic band, tasteful nudes, texting, thank you scientist, the amory wars, the hobbit, the last unicorn, the perks of being a wallflower, the roman empire, the simpsons, the smell of books, the twelve caesars, tolkien, travis stever, truth, tumblr, tupper ware remix party, twitter, ulta, unicorns, victoria's secret, video games, wall-e, weerd science, writing, zach cooper
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