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They can smell my fear. My fear is what's keeping me from escaping this godforsaken house. My fear is keeping me from ever seeing my friends again. From seeing Richard again.

It's been one week since my last entry. I'm...fucked, to put it lightly. I'm out of food and water. My radio died and I have no more extra batteries. It has been storming constantly for the past week, and the rain has weakened my defenses. It's only a matter of time before the zombies get inside.

I am going to die here. Alone, in some random house, a feast for the undead. I'll just be another statistic - "Apocalypse Casualty." Not even my skeleton will survive.

I wish I could think. All I can focus on is their constant moaning. Not even the thunder can drown them out. Their endless pounding on the windows is even worse. A constant reminder of how little time I have left to live.

I should just off myself now. At least then, they wouldn't get me. I wouldn't become one of them.

Here lies Elizabeth, the girl who didn't want to be zombie chow.

No, no...I can't do that. I can't. There's a chance, albeit small, that Richard could still be alive. I need to see him again. Even just one more time.

I am not ready to die.

I have one last flare. One last chance to survive.

Please...if there s a god, have mercy on me.

Save me.


I shot the flare a few hours ago. I hope that someone out there saw it. But I'm losing hope. They've finally broken in and are now trying to get to me on the second floor. There's hundreds of them. I've lost count of how many I've killed, and they just keep coming. I've used all my explosives, and I'm running low on ammo.

It's only a matter of fucking time.

Wait...Wait a second. What was that?


"Hello? Is anyone there? We saw the flare..."

"Take that, you undead piece of shit!"


Tick, tick, tick.


"Help, I'm up here!" I scream. My voice is thick and raspy. I don't remember hte last time I actually spoke.

I hear a horn and the revving of an engine.


Whoever's driving, has made about 30 zombies into a makeshift parking spot. And has taken down half the house. The top floor starts to collapse. The floor is crumbling from underneath my feet. Everyone is screeching at me to jump. Jump onto the truck.

Hell, beats staying here. I'll take the risk.

I land in the truck bed. And on my leg.


I scream in agony.

"Shit, her leg! We gotta get her inside the truck!" A girl rushes to my aid. The horde is closing in on us. We don't have time.

"JUST DRIVE!" I scream as I grab onto the edge of the truck for dear life. The truck revs up again, and the girl holds me in place. Another girl starts up the mini-gun and starts cutting into the horde. I can feel the heat from the mini-gun spinning up. The smell of iron fills the air as blood pools all around us. I hear the horn sound one last time before speeding away.

I'm safe.

For now.
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June 2016


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